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SomaJect HGH


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SomaJect HGH 100iu kit

Bacteriostatic water and powder ready for mixing

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SomaJect HGH

Human growth hormone emerges as an incredibly potent anabolic hormone responsible for governing the growth of all bodily tissues. Its impact operates through IGF-1, a vital player that it spurs the liver to release. This peptide hormone boasts an extensive array of capabilities, serving as a robust anti-catabolic agent and a trigger for regeneration.

It expedites post-exertion and injury recovery, combats aging indicators, bolsters wound healing, and optimizes fat loss. Particularly appealing to athletes striving to elevate their recovery process and amplify exercise frequency and efficiency.

Through consistent growth hormone injections, one might encounter mild fluid retention and a rise in blood pressure or blood glucose levels. Negative effects can largely be mitigated through precise dosing. It’s pivotal to evade injecting HGH after a meal to ensure an adequate insulin response.

DOSAGE HGH is typically administered in doses of 2-3IU per day, with a sole morning injection, about an hour ahead of the initial meal. Alternatively, individuals like athletes or those convalescing from significant injuries might opt for higher doses, reaching up to 8IU every alternate day.

STACKING HGH demonstrates synergistic effects when paired with diverse AAS and SARMs. Experienced users might explore its combination with insulin. For those employing escalated HGH doses, considering the inclusion of thyroxine (T4) is recommended.

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SomaJect HGH


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